VOICE, the next paradigm

The voice-first revolution represents a paradigm shift.  All services, all products, need to be re-imagined in this new world where your customers expect to interact using spoken language alone.

Amazon Alexa

What’s new?

Dim the living room lights.

What good vegan restaurants are nearby?

Play Flux FM on TuneIn

Add “buy groceries” to my calendar for Saturday.

What does my day look like today?

What’s on my shopping list?

Play BBC News on my TV

How do you say ‘thank you’ in German?

What flights are leaving Berlin for Las Vegas on Friday?

Google Assistant

Voice interaction is ubiquitous and evolving. User behaviour and expectations are changing fast. You must continuously evaluate your service portfolio from a voice-first perspective to identify and deliver relevant services your customers now expect to access via voice modalities.

VOICE FIRST: specialists for strategy, interface design & product development for voice-first and voice-enabled services.

Rafael Otero
Rafael OteroFounder
Rafael Otero is a seasoned entrepreneur, business angel and mentor with an extensive background in ICT and payment technology. After studying computer science, he worked in technical and product-related roles for ClickandBuy Services AG, GMX, 1&1 Internet AG, and co-founded Pulse-o-meter.com and Payment Company AG. In 2012, he co-founded payleven, a mobile payment company, as CTO.
Paul Flanagan
Paul FlanaganFounder
Paul Flanagan is an accomplished product development allrounder, with a focus on new service design and optimisation. He has worked in senior management and operations roles for AOL Germany, WEB.de, GMX, Microsoft, Deutsche Post DHL and several startups. Paul holds a B.A. in Computer Science and Linguistics from Trinity College Dublin and an MBA from Berlin School of Economics and Law.
Brona Nilsson
Brona NilssonAdvisor, Speech Technology
Brona Nilsson is an expert in speech technology and user-interface design, having held senior roles in sales and R&D at Nuance Communications, SVOX, and Lernout&Hauspie. She holds a Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence and B.A. in Computer Science and Linguistics, both from Trinity College Dublin.
Brian Roemmele
Brian RoemmeleAdvisor, VoiceFirst.expert
Brian Roemmele is a leading authority on the impact of Voice AI on computing and commerce. He is founder of PayFinders.com, President of Multiplex Media Corporation and Founder and CEO of 1st American Card Service. Brian is a prolific writer, thinker and visionary at the forefront of the #voicefirst revolution.